Cosmetics and Personal Care

Bottling and packaging machines

We offer a full range of bottling and packaging equipment for Cosmetics, Creams, Lotions, and Personal Care. From turn-key bottling lines for high viscosity products to individual machines including: bottle unscramblers, piston fillers, cappers (both spindle/quill cappers, as well as chuck cappers), labelers, turn tables, and conveyors.

These machines offer great flexibility and their modularity allows you to build and add to the bottling line as your production needs increase. The machines we offer will help you take the headache off of the bottling process so you can focus on making and selling the best product to your customers.

We can design and make different layouts and conveyor shapes based on your specific floor requirements.

Ready to upgrade your bottling line?

Bottle Filler

Bottle Unscrambler

  • Heavy duty frame built with 2 x 2 x 0.187 square tubes.
  • Adjustable positioning on most systems to minimize change parts requirements.
  • 48, 60, or 72-inch diameter pre-feeder discs will accommodate a wide range of containers, one inner disc is included.
  • Capable of handling a wide range of containers, from ounces to gallons.
Bottle Filler

Minipiston 8

  • Gating cylinders to automatically control handling of the bottles.
  • Nozzle movement via 4in. air cylinder
  • Heavy duty 304 stainless steel frame construction
  • Nozzle spacing fully adjustable.
  • Container height adjustment.
  • Nozzle stroke adjustments.
  • Works with plastic or glass containers.
  • No change parts needed for various types of containers.
Bottle Filler

Bottle Filler- High Precision Piston Filler

  • High-precision, electrically-driven ball screw movement, faster and more precise than pneumatic or air over oil systems.
  • Fill and charge speeds can be better controlled and changes performed at any point of the stroke (i.e., to reduce speed at the end of a fill cycle to avoid splashing).
  • Handles a wide variety of products and product viscosities.
  • Capable of handling breakable particulates up to ¾ in diameter.
  • Reservoir tank mounted directly above rotary valves for direct product feed.


  • No change of parts needed for a wide range of containers.
  • 4, 6, or 8 spindle machine configurations available, single gear box driven
  • Independent spring loaded bottle capping discs for better torque and misalignment forgiveness.
  • Torque can be adjusted while the machine is running (with optional pneumatic clutches)
  • Clutches located away from capping discs to avoid corrosion


  • Wraparound or front/back labeling systems available


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