Bottling and Packaging Lines Equipment Representative and IIOT / Industry 4.0 Solutions Provider

About Us

We understand that bottling and packaging machines should enable a company's production line to become more efficient and effective, and that a data-driven approach and active monitoring of your production lines will help optimize the resources to deliver better OEE


The machinery equipment we represent is made by manufacturers in the USA with the highest quality materials and components.


Our machines are priced very competitively which translates into getting you a higher and quicker ROI (Return On Investment)


We are commited to providing you unparalleled customer service.  


Our experienced techs visit your facility on a scheduled periodic basis to ensure the machines are performing at the optimal levels


During each onsite visit, our techs will perform comprehensive machine inspections, including preventive maintenance.


We can help enable your workers, transfer knowledge, and bridge the skills gap on machine operation best practices.

We have extensive experience in various applications and understand each product packaged is unique

Automate your bottling and packaging production lines with AUTOMATED PACK


We specialize in the following industries, for which we offer single purpose solutions such as bottle unscramblers, product fillers, container cappers, and labelers, to fully automated production lines.

Chemicals - Automated Pack

Chemicals and Cleaners

CBD - Auomated Pack

CBD & Essential Oils

Oil and Lubricants - Automated Pack

Oils, Lubricants, Degreasers

Pharma and Nutraceuticals - Automated Pack

Pharma and Nutraceuticals

Beverages - Automated Pack


Equipment we offer

Bottle Unscramblers

Bottle Unscramblers

Automatic bottle unscramblers for plastic or metal containers. Easy to setup and provide extremely fast and repetable changeovers. A definite must when looking to get the best efficiency on your production lines.

Inline Fillers

Inline Bottle Fillers

Inline fillers offer great fleixibility for slow to mid-range production lines. We offer pressure overflow fillers for low viscosity products and high-precision volumetric piston and gear pump fillers for high viscosity liquids.

Rotary Liquid Fillers - Automated Pack

Rotary Fillers

Rotary fillers are well-suited for high speed production lines (over 100 bottels per minute). These machines provide accurate filling at continuous bottle flow. They offer reliability, flexibility, and low-cost mainteance.

Inline Spindle (Quill) Cappers - Automated Pack

Inline Spindle (Quill) Cappers

Whether using spindle or quill cappers as cap tighetners or fully automatic cappers, they provide great flexibility and speed. Available with different cap feeding mechanisms depending on your caps sizes and shapes.

Chuck Cappers - Automated Pack

Chuck Cappers

Chuck cappers offer high-precision capping. We offer single-head and multi-head ROPP cappers, Tcorkers, and pick and place chuck cappers.

Induction Sealers - Automated Pack

Induction Sealers

The induction cap sealing process bonds a foil disk to a container using induction current without direct contact, helping you offer an air-tight tamper-proof product for a wide range of applications.

Labelers - Automated Pack


Automatic labeling machines for a wide range of applications, including wrap around labelers, top labelers, top & bottom labelers, and front & back labelers.

Inkjet Printers - Automated Pack

Ink Jet Printers

Ideal for marking on flat or curved surfaces, continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology is a non-contact printing method that can utilize a range of continuous inkjet inks to print on almost any substrate.

Gap Transfers and Bottle Handling Units - Automated Pack

Bottle Handling

We offer gap Transfers, bottle reject systems, custom length and shape conveyors, and turn tables.

Equipment Manufacturers

We are authorized distributors for top quality bottling and packaging processing equipment manufacturers in the USA